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Step By Step Best OSRS Thieving Guide

As you know that to reach at level 99 is a very hard thing. To become a perfect and successful thief in this game at level 99 is very difficult. To grow a great thief in OSRS game and to reach the level 99 follow the following OSRS Thieving Guide. 

OSRS Thieving Guide is providing you the whole list of what to steal at which level and how you can score more points. At different levels, you need more health, and for that, the tips are also mentioned that how you can save your more health.

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The following are the things which can prevent theft in the game from the store, or from the people in the game. By stealing the following items, you will score high. If you have more score, then there are the fewer chances to become a failure as a thief in the game of OSRS.

OSRO Thieving Guide

Lockpicking, Chest looting, stall theiving, Pickpocketing. These are the things which you can steal from the stalls and the people in the game. You have to take different things at different levels so it will be easy for you to take the things and become successful.

The more you steal without being caught by other, more points will be earned by you. If you have more points then you can stay more in the game and more you will enjoy. The following are the tips by OSRS Thieving Guide for the great players like you to steal the things.

Stall Thieving

OSRO Thieving Guide

  • Stall thing is also dangerous like chest stealing is. There are no traps in the stalls but if you are caught by individual characters in the game, then they will fight with you or will knock you if they catch you.
  • It’s not necessary to steal the whole stall, but if you want then you can steal the things kept in the stall. But be careful.
  • To steal simply right click and select “Steal from” and the things will be stored in your inventory. To be aware of the eyes of stall owner or any other character in the game the OSRS Thieving Guide advice you to stay away from the line of their sight.
  • For theiving from the stalls, you need the best practice of thieving in the game and best experience.
  • You can steal the stall in different places but at some levels only. When you are at level 22 you can steal from the market of Draynore village. Like this, if you are at level 2 you cannot steal the things from this village.

Chest picking

  • The tasks of chest picking are not easy as it is of lock picking. If you are stealing the chest from the RuneScape and if you don’t do it carefully then the traps hidden inside the chest will make you injured.
  • For your security, the OSRS Thieving Guide is giving you the advice to find the traps on the chest. To find the trap on the chest, you have to right click on the chest and select “search for traps.” By doing these, you will get the traps on the chest, and you will become safe.
  • Your character in the game will automatically find the trap and will save you from injury if your thieving power is high.
  • The danger of traps on the chest is that there will be the chance of getting poison cloud. That cloud will not give poison to you but will injure you so carry the food with you if you are planning to steal chest.

Lock Picking

OSRO Thieving Guide

  • While passing many levels, you will find that you will not able to unlock some doors directly so for that lock picking is done. To open the door simply right click on the door and select “lock picking.” By doing this sometimes, you will become successful to open the door directly, but if you fail in it, then you have to try it again.
  • There are three villages from where you can pick the lock, and they are Ardounge, Draynor, and Yanille.
  • For becoming successful in the lock picking, you need lockpick in your inventory. The lockpick will receive by you in your inventory from other players.If you don’t have the lockpick in your inventory then you need to be pickpocketed from bandits and rogues.
  • You also have another option than the above two, and it is that the Martin Thawait in Rogue’s Den also sells lockpicks.



  • Pickpocketing is easy. When you pick a pocket of NFC, if you get successful then you will earn more expertise in stealing, but if you are caught by NFC while stealing, they will stun you. When you are stunned, you will be unable to move. So take care of it. For pickpocketing just do a right click on it and select “Pickpocket.”
  • The following is the advice by OSRO Thieving Guide that which things you can steal easily in different levels and can score more at that different levels easily and fastly.
    The below mentioned things will not put you in problems in the future. If you steal these things then you can get more experience of stealing different things and more points.
  • After 71 level you will need more experience and more health and more points. By stealing the following things, you will get experience about how to save your health, how to steal different things when the guards of the village are near you, and how to earn more points and more money at different levels.

At level 1-5

  • When you have just started to play the game, go ahead and start stealing. Might for the first time you get caught by someone but next time you will come up with some experience. In stating first steal from the men and women in the Ruenspace.

At level 5-20

  • When you are between 5-20 levels you should steal more things except stealing from men and women so you can come up with some more points and some more and new experience.
  • OSRO Thieving Guide advice the beginner player of these levels that steal the cakes from the baker without getting caught by the shop owner nor by the other people. This will give you 16 XP points. You can perform this task of stealing the cakes in Adounge and Kaldagrim.
    After 20th level, the work done by the player will be increased as the level is getting high and also the efforts to complete the level will be surely more.

At level 20-38

  • Now at level 20, the game will become more interesting and you have to increase the level of thieving. OSRS Thieving Guide advice you to steal the silk from the stall which has the silk materials. Silk material will give you more points. Steal more than 1000 silk materials, and you will reach at a 38th level faster and quickly. While stealing at these levels make sure that you don’t run here and there and as it will create some problems and your points may decrease so you will be not able to enter in the next level easily.

At level 38-55

  • At these levels, you need to be a better thief as now the material of stealing will become bigger and more hard. To remain steady at these levels and to increase your level fastly and easily now you need to steal from the farmers of the village in this game. From farmers, you will get seeds. It will increase your points, and because of this, you will not face at the end of these levels.
  • The things which you will steal from the farmer will receive you 43XP from each farmer. Don’t rush here and there in these levels as more energy of your will be wasted when you rush. The more energy you have more things you can steal from the framers as stealing will require more energy.
  • At these levels you will need more experience as farmers will catch you very quickly and if they caught you then you will not be able to steal from the farmers. If you are not able to steal then you will not be able to increase your level.
  • Be aware of guards also while stealing from the farmers because they also can catch you while stealing. May you are stealing from the farmer or any other stall. There are many villages in the game from where you can steal from the farmers, but there are two villages in the game they are Ardounge and Draynor from which you will get more experience of stealing.
  • At level 55-71
  • At these levels, you need to have more energy and more experience to steal at these levels. In these levels, you might get fight with other characters so it will be more easy for you that you carry more food with you as much as you can.
  • The stealing material at these levels is pickpocketing as it will be more beneficial for you to earn more points and will help you to increase your level.
  • You may have to fight with other characters, to defeat them lure them into houses, trap them inside so you can easily pickpocket. The opponent character of yours with whom you might get fight will be more powerful than you so carry more food as OSRS Thieving Guide had adviced you earlier.
  • Don’t rush, as adviced earlier that it will consume more energy of yours. As in these levels, you might have to fight, and it will surely need more energy. Earn more points as you can as these are the best way to earn more points at these levels.
    The best village to get more experience is Ardounge.

At level 71-99

  • These levels are very hard to get more points and to increase yourself at these levels. As these levels are the ending of the game and it is the hard thing to reach at level 99. To steal at these levels, you will need more and more experience and more power to steal from others.
  • The best thing is to become pyramid plunder as it gives you more opportunity at these levels. When you become pyramid plunder the different doors of the pyramid will automatically open as per your level will be at that time.
  • By being the pyramid plunder, you can get 150,000 experience per hour.
  • If your level is high then more doors will open and more things you can steal. It is necessary that your level should be high when you reach these levels. More high level, more doors will open. As more doors will be opened you can score high.
  • You will need more practice of stealing and more experience. So it is necessary that you increase your experience from the beginning only so you will not face problem at the ending levels.
  • If you want to earn more money at these levels, then steal paladins. These will make you score more money. If you want more experience instead of more money, then another option is to find a knight and begin thriving.
  • Final words
  • By following the above advice given by the OSRS Thieving Guide you can complete your level easily and fastly and can jump to another level with more points. The things which are mentioned above at different levels is that who can score more points and more money if you steal it at that levels only.
  • Each thing needs a different level of experience to steal. So if you have experience then you can steal the things like seeds from the farmer, silk material from the stall, different things from the stall and another person.
  • Different things will score different XP, and if your XP is more, then you can easily win the game. You should know how to fight without wasting more health if more health is to consume then how to increase it and how to steal when farmers, other people, guards are near you and are watching you.

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